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Throughout the history, flowers have always fascinated humans all across the world. Their colors and beauties are a feast for eyes and their many different fragrances have always been an olfactory pleasure. Flowers have always been used widely for numerous applications by humans. We have celebrated births with flowers. We have sent our final farewells with them to our lost loved ones. They are always present in unions of loved ones and marriage ceremonies. They are always taken to patients and mourning families to bring them comfort and to be a reminder of the transient nature of being. Flowers have been the ever present symbolic constant in prose and poetry written in any language.
But few flowers have been as widely useful as the Damask Rose which can be found abundantly in Iran. This flower is used to produce the highest quality rose water which is a staple ingredient in many Iranian dishes, confectionaries and sweets. Its smell is incredibly sweet and its health benefits are many. The essence of damask rose is said to be the main underlying note in the majority of perfumes and thus it is very precious to this industry In this sweetly beautiful documentary we see how rose water is extracted in central Iran in the same tradition as centuries ago.

A documentary from : PressTV News Videos

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