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Croatia is blessed by an unfathomable natural richness. The lakes of the Plitvice and Krka National Parks, the waterfalls, the rapids and the caves are all among the most beautiful landscapes of the world. The capital, Zagreb, captures the visitor with its inward mood and monarchy style buildings. Beside the warm watered fjords, the river deltas, the green hills, and pine forests many snow-covered mountaintops await the visitors. The smiley islands are very providing the tourists various landscapes from the empty cliffs to the lush vegetation. The Adrian Sea with its bay, reefs, tempt us to water sports, and boat adventures, while its beaches promise the visitors a sunny holiday. Every settlement of the country, from the smallest to the largest, is rich in cultural, historical, architectural and artistic values. Beside the romantic, Mediterranean cities, the little bays, the idyllic villages there are baroque and gothic churches, Roman amphitheatres and theatres, sanctuaries from the roman age, golden mosaics, Venetian forts and towers invite us, and of course the roasted food and tasty vines.

A documentary from : Expoza Travel

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